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Opinions from some participants

Having worked for seven years in the GNSS industry I had the chance to provide technical support to many different companies ranging from spectacular satellite manufacturers to more mundane car manufacturers, every single of those companies had interesting projects in their hands but among all those different companies I had the long standing feeling that one of the most dynamic and challenging industries was drone manufacturing. 
As many things in my life curiosity became determination so I decided that it was time to upgrade my knowledge in the subject. Coincidentally the EETAC was starting the Master's degree in Applications and Technologies for Unmanned Aircraft Systems hence I rushed to the web-page to check the syllabus which looked really interesting. At the time I was not so sure if my electronics knowledge was going to cut it so I decided to ask for some orientation from the master professors, they were friendly and very helpful, they invited me to leave my concerns aside and move forward and so I did. What a great decision! Not only in the academic side, which has been, but also on the personal side, I met people from many different countries, Siria, Germany, Iran, Norway, and the list goes on, the campus is in a beautiful location near the sea and at forty minutes from Barcelona city by train. If you are seriously in to drones dare to try, it is worth it! 

Isaac (student)

Antoni and Amr joined Venturi for their MSc internship in order to apply the contents in a real project. In a few weeks, they learnt how to prototype using 3D printers, CNC machines, the basics of payloads and propulsion management. Amr's contribution to the team is to optimize the propulsion system. Antoni is designing a mechanical system to integrate LIDAR and thermal sensors into our UAV. These are challenging projects which provide the Master's degree with real in-company experience.

Juan Hita, CEO of Venturi Unmanned Technologies, SL

I decided to enroll the Master's degree in Applications and Technologies for Unmanned Aircraft Systems because I found it positive for my career prospects. I wanted to orientate my professional future in this field, so the combination of theory and internship was quite interesting, since I was able to apply what I learned in lectures to what my everyday work. 
In my case, I worked on a company developing a software in order to gather, process UAS information and deliver it to emergency services such as firefighters, so as to ease decision-making in critical situations, it was a great experience.

Monica (student)


As head of the Research Group of the Agricultural Mechanization Unit I must say that the participation in the Master has been positive and very interesting. The opportunity to launch research projects that allow the incorporation of new technologies in the agricultural sector has been very interesting. The combination of experiences and knowledge in both sectors has shown the interest of joined work. Personally, I am very satisfied with the work done by the student who has joined our group, showing great interest in learning new fields of research. The combination of different areas of research has been highlighted in this Master, which I hope will continue over time.

 Emilio Gil, head of the Research Group of the Agricultural Mechanization Unit (UPC)


For the duration of the mandatory Internship and Master's Project, I was able to transform the theory I was taught during the courses into the development of specific drone applications. I developed a detection and georeference algorithm for 'FitoStinger' to track the nests of the pine processionary that has overpopulated the regional forestry and causes harm to its indigenous wildlife. The implementation of my idea into a real system as well as the testing and demonstration of my product while nourishing the growth of a start-up company was a truly mind-opening experience.

Fabian (student)


We are satisfied with our trainee student because provides knowledge, that we don’t have, and another point of view to the company. Her work is not only about drones, but also computer programming and artificial intelligence. So far, she had the chance to travel with our team in more than four countries and discover the fascinating world of Emergency Services.

Marc Valls, UNBLUR