Requirements, enrolment, fees and grants

 Besides the general access requirements set by the UPC, MED sets the following specific admission requirements and criteria.

Specific admission requirements

  • An engineering degree, preferably in the areas of telecommunications, aeronautics, computer science or electronics.

    Exceptionally, other type degrees may be considered as long as the candidate curriculum is reasonably adjusted to the income profile. In this case, a 3 ECTS block of formative complements (computer programming, electronics and air space organization) may be requiered.


  • Pre-enrolment will be open from 1 February until 4 July 2024

  How to pre-enrol

Documents to be submitted in the application


Enrolment day that will be announced before August (the enrolment day usually will be between 1 and 14 September). During the enrolment day, admitted students will finish the administrative procedures and pay the fees.

How to enrol

Fees, grants and payment options

UPC-managed grants

  • UPC offers "learning grants" (beques d'aprenentatge) for collaboration in tasks related to administrative procedures, promotion of studies, etc. Candidates must be enrolled in our courses. You can access the list of currently open grants here (they are continuously updated).
  • UPC also offers "research initiation grants" (beques d'iniciació a la recerca) for collaboration in academic and research-related tasks. Candidates must be enrolled in our courses. More information here. You can access the list of currently open grants here (they are continuously updated)

General grants

  • Agora-Santander maintains a directory of grants, many of them focused to LatinAmerican students who want to study in Spain, but also open to other nationalities. More information here.
  • La Caixa Foundation offers scholarships, both for Master and Doctorate. More information here.
  • Chinese students interested in MASTEAM are eligible for the Chinese Scholarshp Council CSC-UPC Scholarships. More information here.
  • The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation offers the MAEC-AECID grants. More information here.
  • Kurdish and Iraqi students interested in MASTEAM are eligilble for the KRG HCDP Scholarships. More information here.
  • The Basque Country Government offers grants. More information here.
  • The Balsells California-Catalonia Programs offers fellowships. More information here.
  • The Universia portal offers information about grants. More information here.

The UPC website has more information about fees, grants and loans and payment options herehere and here.